March Newsletter

The Roofs are on Mason 1 and Mason 3

Construction progress marches on with approximately 80 workers on site each day. Carpenters, electricians, plumbers, plaster-boarders, window installers, brick layers, roofers and scaffolders make up the majority.

The roof is on Mason 3 and will soon be on Mason 1. This opens up many new work fronts.

Brickwork has started on Mason 3 now that the windows have been installed. Next week will see the first kitchen cabinetry installed and preparation for bathroom tiling and fittings will commence shortly.
Brandon and the team have a real roll on.

Safety and quality are our primary focuses. The programme is challenging at times given the shortage of some resources across the industry, however, we remain on track for a late May/early June finish and June settlement.

Work in progress